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Driver’s licenses

Validity of Italian driver’s licences in Canada
In British Columbia, a person is allowed to drive for up to three months with a valid Italian driver’s licence, after which a Canadian driver’s licence is required.  An Italian driver’s licence cannot be converted directly into a Canadian licence, a driver’s test is therefore necessary.  It should also be noted that rental car companies often require a translation of the licence into English (an international driver’s licence must be obtained in Italy prior to leaving).

Obtaining a Canadian driver’s licence based on a valid Italian driver’s licence
To obtain a Canadian driver’s licence, please contact the competent local authorities (in British Columbia you may contact ICBC).
Please be advised that, in order to issue a Canadian driver’s licence, ICBC will collect and distroy any previous Italian driver’s licence.

Renewal of Italian driver’s licences
This Consulate General may renew Italian driver’s licences (Cat. A and B only) provided that they are still current or have not been expired for more than five years and does not fall under the cases provided for in Article 119, paragraphs 2-bis and 4, of the Highway Code (licences of drivers suffering from diabetes or whose mental and physical fitness shall be certified by special medical commissions).
To proceed with the renewal, the licence holder must be residing or staying for a period of at least 6 months in BC, AB, YK or SK. The renewal period starts from the date indicated on the medical certificate, which must be prepared by a doctor accredited by this Consulate, and will end on your birthday (according to Law 09/02/2012 – Art. 7).
The medical examination must be booked directly by the licence holder and the fee must be paid by same. Driver’s licences of categories A and B will be renewed for 10 years if the holder is less than 50 years old, for 5 years if the holder is over 50 and for three years if the holder is over 70. All other driver’s licences categories (C etc. etc.) cannot be renewed from the Consulate.
The consular fee to renew a driver’s licence is composed of two components; a national fee applicable to all applications to government offices and the fee for consular declarations. To verify the amount, which varies periodically with the exchange rate) please contact this Consulate General.
People who have to repatriate to Italy are required to go to a “Motorizzazione Civile” Office or to an authorized Agency in order to validate the renewal.

Doctor accredited by this Consulate:

  • Dott.ssa Maria Di Cesare – 102 8585 160th Street, Surrey BC V4N 1G4 – Tel. 604 593 5085
  • Dott.ssa Gabriella Lorenzon – 306-460 Nanaimo St, Vancouver, BC V5L 4W3, Canada – Tel. 604 255 9819

Loss or theft of an Italian driver’s licence
Italy does not issue duplicates of lost or stolen driver’s licences to Italians residing abroad.  In case of loss or theft of a driver’s licence, the holder may request a declaration from the competent Italian authority which issued the lost/stolen driver’s licence.
The declaration, specifying the details of the licence, should confirm that the licence is not subject to withdrawal or suspension for any reason. It must also contain the following wording “ad uso richiesta della patente di guida canadese” (used for the purpose of applying for a Canadian driver’s licence).
This letter must be accompanied by a certified translation and subsequently submitted to the Ministry of Transportation.

Repatriation of an Italian citizen holding a Canadian driver’s licence
The holder of an international driver’s licence, issued by a foreign government that is not a member state of the European Union, may drive in Italy the categories of vehicles for which the international licence was issued, provided that he/she has not resided in Italy for more than one year. If the licence holder remains in Italy for more than one year or establishes residence there permanently, an Italian driver’s licence is required.
At present, the only Canadian driver’s licences which may be converted directly into Italian ones are those held by Canadian consular and diplomatic personnel posted in Italy.
For further information please check the website

Italian citizens temporarily in Canada whose driver’s licence has expired or is about to expire
Non-resident Italian citizens must have their driver’s licences renewed in Italy by the appropriate authorities. The only requirement which can be taken care of in Canada, is that of obtaining the medical certificate from a doctor who must be accredited with this Consulate General. Please note that the signature of the doctor must be legalised by this Consulate before being brought to Italy.