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INPS pensioners residing abroad: Life Certificate via video call



INPS pensioners residing abroad: Life Certificate via video call

In view of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, INPS and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation have collaborated on a project that allows pensioners, who are collecting Italian pensions abroad and have received a Life Declaration Form Citibank, the possibility to connect with Consular offices via video call in order to obtain the Life Certificate.

Operators of Patronato offices who are accredited as acceptable witnesses and have access to the “Portale Agenti” may use this new procedure, as well as other standard procedures that require the personal presence to obtain Life Declaration Form.

For updated information on the campaign to verify Life for pensioners collecting their pensions abroad, access the page (LINK).

For the Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Yukon Territory verification of life is available through the consular office in Vancouver as follow:

Step 1:
The pensioner receives the Life Declaration Form from Citibank, containing personal data, reviews the information for accuracy, adds email and telephone number and dates and signs the form.

Step 2:
The pensioner, or any relative/caregiver who is able to assist, sends a scanned copy of the form and of an ID document to Our office will send an email to set up a date and time for a video call via Whatsapp, Skype, or Zoom. The video call will allow us to confirm the identity of the person based on the form and ID that was sent via email. The pensioner will be asked to hold up the original documents during the interview. We will then be able to certify the Life Certificate.

Step 3:
Our Consular Officers registered with Citibank online services will certify the Life Certificate and send it to CITI bank electronically.

The pensioner must submit the original form (which has been dated and signed) to:
        Consulate General of Italy
        1100- 510 West Hasting St
        Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1L8 Canada

Note that the Patronato Offices have been informed by the Italian Pension Office (INPS) of the video call project. Verification of the Life Declaration Form is considered an essential service, and will be guaranteed to our pensioners even in the case of office closures due to the ongoing pandemic.

The video call option described above is an alternative to existing procedures for having the Life Declaration Form certified in person and witnessed by an acceptable witness, as was done in previous years.