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Declarations of Value of Diplomas and Legalizations of School Documents


Declarations of Value of Diplomas and Legalizations of School Documents


Canadian educational qualifications are not automatically recognized in Italy due to the absence of a bilateral agreement. In order to apply for enrollment in an Italian school or academic institution, holders of a Canadian qualification should request from the competent Italian Consular office a document called "Dichiarazione di valore" (literally, Statement of value), which provides a comprehensive description of the school or academic qualification acquired in Canada, and also of the official status of the issuing institution based on the local education system. The Consular "Dichiarazione di valore" (DV) has a descriptive rather than a certifying purpose and the recognition of the Canadian qualification is an exclusive prerogative of the relevant Italian authorities.

  The "Dichiarazione di Valore" (DV) is an official document written in Italian and issued by one of the Italian Consular authorities in the country where you have studied. It is required to verify the authenticity of the academic credentials obtained abroad in order for the receiving institution to evaluate their correspondence into the Italian educational system. A DV also provides information about the validity of the qualification concerned in the country where the applicant studied, confirms the legal status and nature of the awarding institution and indicates the length of the programme/s concerned.

All students who want to study in Italy and those who need to have their credentials recognized in Italy for any other purpose, must therefore obtain a "Dichiarazione di Valore".

If you have obtained no Diploma (Secondary School, Bachelor, etc.) there is obviously no document for which to declare the value, and therefore a DV cannot be issued. Still, you may apply for the legalization of your report card or university transcript. 

Here follows a suggested step by step guide on how to request a DV or legalization:

1) Find the Italian Consulate under whose territorial jurisdiction your school/university is located; the Consulate in Vancouver (  is responsible only for BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Yukon Territory. Other Consulates in Canada can be found here.

2) If you need to refer to the Consulate General of Italy in Vancouver, fill out the Application Form

3) Obtain from the school/college/university you have attended the original document for which you need a legalization or a DV (i.e. Ministry-issued Final school report/Secondary school diploma/Bachelor diploma/Master, etc.). The documents must first be authenticated by the relevant office of the Canadian Government (  It is possible to require from said office that the authenticated documents be sent directly to our Consulate General.

·         For the legalization of a report card or non-Ministry-issued transcript, it is best to submit an original copy in a sealed envelope, which will speed up the whole process;
A translation in Italian of all these documents will be needed. The translation can be carried out by anyone, as long as it is accurate and contains no errors nor discrepancies. The Consulate General does not offer an internal translation service, but other translation services can be found here. The Consulate will only certify translations into Italian that are actually true to the original texts, even if performed by non-professional translators. Translations considered inaccurate or incomplete by the Consulate will not be accepted and the DV will not be issued.

4) Make sure of exactly which documents you will need validated and/or translated by checking on the Italian receiving institution’s website and/or by contacting them directly. You do not want to omit documents in your application, nor do you want to pay for translations that are not needed.

5) Once you have gathered all the above documents (authenticated if needed) with their translations, you can bring or mail everything to the Consulate General of Italy in Vancouver. Remember to also add a photocopy of the picture page of your passport (or passports, if you have more than one nationality).

6) You will be contacted when the Dichiarazione di valore is ready to be picked up or sent back to you. Depending on the time of year and on the complexity of your applications, this procedure may take anywhere from one week to two months. You will be notified by email upon completion of the process. All original documentation will be returned to the applicant.

7) The procedure is free of charge if the DV requested is to be used for study purposes. For any other use of the DV in Italy (i.e. recognition of academic credentials for professional matters or for work purposes) you will be charged a fee (please ask the Consulate General how much that fee is at this time – it varies according to the exchange rate).

8) Should you prefer to have all the documentation sent to you by mail, please provide a self-addressed, pre-paid envelope for the return of the documentation. If you reside outside of Canada we recommend you use a courier service such as DHL. The Consulate will not attend to the return of documents unless a pre-paid and self addressed envelope is provided.

The DV provides a short description of a given academic or professional qualification awarded by an institution located in a foreign country with a different educational system than the Italian one. As such, the DV by itself does not give proof of someone's competence and/or professional skills acquired through the qualification. As a consequence, although the document is considered by the Italian authorities a reliable and official source of information pertaining to the academic credentials obtained abroad, the presentation of a DV does not preempt the right of the receiving institution/office/school to carry out further independent verifications, for instance by a detailed examination of the official transcripts.

The Consulate General does not accept school/university records sent by e-mail, fax or copies: all documents, along with the attached application form, must be received only in original.
In particular, the following documents are always required:
1.     Original of the APPLICATION FORM
2.     Original of the Diploma and/or of the Official Transcript
3.     Copy of the passport of the student (and of the parent, if the student is a minor)
4.     Translation in Italian of the Diploma and/or Official transcript.
5.     Self-addressed prepaid registered envelope (Xpress Post Envelope), if you want the Declaration of Value to be mailed to you
For each request of Declaration of Value or Legalization, the Consulate will contact your School /University to verify the records submitted and confirm the authenticity of the Diploma or Official Transcript.

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