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Italian Passports


Italian Passports


To obtain or renew a passport, Italian citizens residing in the Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Yukon Territory must submit a completed preliminary Application Form by e-mail (to ). Citizens who do not have access to e-mail can submit the Form by post or in person at the Consulate General in Vancouver, the Edmonton Branch, or through an Honourary Consulate or Consular Agent in the jurisdiction (Consular network).

Within ten business days of receipt of the application, the Passport office will inform applicants as to the status of their application, indicating what, if any, additional documentation is required. Please do not send photographs by mail. Photos received by mistake will not be returned.


Applicants who are married, have children under the age of 18, are divorced or widowed, must also present all supporting Vital Statistics documents if this information has not already been registered in Italy (for detailed instructions see Vital Records).

Eligible applicants will be invited to come to the offices in Vancouver or Edmonton in person, so that their identity may be verified and their fingerprints and signature acquired digitally.

Please note: the waiting time for a passport appointment in Vancouver is currently about 5 months.

 Applicants must bring the following:
1) the original passport Application Form
2) most recent Italian passport (if applicable), be it valid or expired;
3) one piece of valid Canadian picture ID such as a valid Permanent Resident card or visa for Canada, a Canadian passport, or Canadian driver’s licence (if applicable);

Once all the necessary documentation is acquired, applicants are given a date after which they can pick up their new passport. Passports may also be mailed to the applicant's home address, at the applicant's expense.

Passports for adults have a validity of 10 (ten) years.

Please note: An Italian citizen residing outside of Italy must be registered in the AIRE (Registry of Italian Citizens Abroad) of an Italian Municipality in order to obtain a passport (for more information visit the AIRE page). 


In accordance with Law no. 66 dated April 24, 2011, effective July 8, 2014 the annual passport tax has been replaced by an administrative fee, which is applied at the moment the new passport is issued.
The passport fee is Euro 116 to be payed exclusively in Canadian dollars currency. To know the current corresponding value in Canadian dollars please visit our Consular Fees table in the "Forms" page.
By virtue of the said Law, the annual tax is also abolished for passports issued before July 8, 2014.

N.B.: Payment of the passport fee in Vancouver may be made in cash (exact change please), or by money order / bank draft, and is required at the time the fingerprints are acquired. Our Edmonton office (or travelling officer) only accepts money orders or bank drafts. Personal cheques, credit cards or debit cards are not accepted.


Parental Consent
If the applicant has a child under the age of 18, formal consent from the other parent must be given in writing prior to the issuing of the adult passport. Formal consent is given by signing a parental consent form.
If the other parent is an Italian citizen or a citizen of the EU, the required consent form may be signed and mailed, or presented in person to the Consulate together with a photocopy of valid picture ID.
If, on the other hand, the other parent is not an EU citizen, he/she must come in person to the Consulate with valid picture ID in order to sign the Consent Form. Alternatively, he/she may visit a Notary Public or Lawyer to have their signature authenticated on the Consent Form (download file here with instructions and form).
If the other parent resides outside of the consular jurisdiction, consent may be given by going to the closest Italian Consular office or, if residing in Italy, to the Police Station (Questura) or to the Municipal Hall (Comune).

Should one of the parents refuse to sign the consent form
In the event that one of the parents refuses to sign the consent form for the issuance of a passport for either the applicant or for the minor child, the applicant parent must present a signed letter in which the reasons for the refusal of the other parent are explained. This letter must also contain the complete postal address and contact telephone numbers of the non-consenting parent.
In the event of a separation or divorce, the applicant must also present all documents pertaining to the separation or divorce as well as to eventual custody rights for the minor(s).
The Consulate will proceed to formally contact the non-consenting parent in writing to request his/her motivation for not consenting to the issuance of the passport in question. Fifteen days from the mailing date of the aforementioned letter, the final decision concerning the issuance of the passport in question will be made by the Head of the Consular Office based upon the information available.
If the minor child lives in Italy, or in another country besides Canada, the decision will be made by the competent Judge of an Italian Court or by the competent Diplomatic Consular Authority with jurisdiction in the place of residence of the minor child.
In the event that the reasons given for non-consent are not legitimate, the Consul General may issue a Decree authorizing the issuance of the passport.

Minors (children under the age of 18)
Minors under 12 years of age do not need to attend the Consulate or the Consular Agency in person with their parents/guardians. Any form of picture ID that the minor may already have (e.g. passport of another nationality) will facilitate the Consulate in the verification of the identification and personal details of the minor.

Effective November 25, 2009, all minors must be issued individual passports. The validity period varies in accordance with the age of the minor:
3 years validity for minors from 0 to 3 years of age;
5 years validity for minors from 3 years of age to the age of maturity (18 years).

For minors under 12 years of age, fingerprints are not taken.

The Application Form for Minors must be signed by both parents. The consent of both parents is required for a minor's passport application. Italian/EU parents may sign the form separately and bring or mail it in together with a copy of their valid Italian ID, while non-EU parents need to sign the form in the presence of a Consular officer or, alternatively, of a Notary Public (click here for a file with instructions and the form). Non-EU parents in Italy can sign it in front of a public officer of the Italian Government (e.g. Questura, Comune) or, if outside of Italy, in front of an officer at the closest Consulate. 

The minor passport fee is Euro 116 to be payed exclusively in Canadian dollars currency. To know the current corresponding value in Canadian dollars please visit our Consular Fees table in the "Forms" page.

Declaration of accompaniment
A declaration of accompaniment is required for minors under 14 years of age who are travelling without their parents. Whenever a minor under 14 years of age travels, in fact, they must be accompanied by a parent or by an individual appointed by the parents.

The name of the individual appointed to accompany the child must be reported in the passport or in a Declaration of accompaniment, which must be signed by the parents/guardian and legalized by the Italian Consulate.
When a minor under 14 travels with his/her parents (or only one parent) it is not necessary to attach a Declaration of accompaniment in the minor’s passport because the personal data of the living parents are reported on page 5 of the 48 page passport booklet (also indicated in English and French).
For legal, religious, social or other reasons and upon the request of a parent or order of a Legal Authority the personal data of the living parents may be omitted or erased. There is no requirement to add the personal data of the accompanying person to the passport of the minor, if the latter has been authorized by the parents with a Declaration of accompaniment.

Whenever a minor of 14 years of age and under must travel abroad with an accompanying person who is not a parent, said accompanying person must sign the Declaration of accompaniment , which will be kept on file at the Consulate. The consular office will then issue a single document for the accompanying person to present at the border together with the minor’s valid passport.
Once the application for an Italian passport and the required documents are completed, the Consulate must request authorisation (nulla osta e delega) from the competent Italian Questura. The Consulate can proceed directly if no reply is received within 30 days.

In particular cases and for exceptional circumstances, Italian citizens who require a passport while they are away from their place of residence may apply for one at the Italian Consulate in the area in which they are temporarily located.
If the Consular office accepts the request because exceptional circumstances actually apply, the Passport office will request authorization (nulla osta e delega) from the competent Police office (Questura) or other Italian Consulate in order to proceed, and will not be in a position to issue the passport until such authorisation has been received.

Holders of both a Canadian and Italian passport travelling between Italy and Canada will need to have both valid documents to travel between Canada and Italy. The Canadian passport is necessary to leave Canada and re-enter it, while the Italian one must be shown upon entering Italy (or the Schengen area) and departing.


Applicants born outside of Italy

The birth of an Italian citizen abroad must be registered with the Italian municipality of origin of his/her parent or ancestor. Absence of such registration makes it impossible to process the passport application. For more information visit the page pertaining to Vital Records.  

Last Italian passport issued before August 15, 1992
Citizens who only have Italian citizenship must submit a “Permanent Resident Card” or a “Search of Citizenship Records”. Those who have acquired other citizenships should submit a of naturalization. Applicants who acquired Canadian citizenship after August 15, 1992 must present the Canadian Citizenship Certificate in large-size (not wallet size). Visit the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada for further information:


Loss or theft of a passport- procedure for residents

Loss or theft of a passport must first be reported to the local Police.
Once the report has been filed with the local Police, a new passport may be requested upon presentation of the following documents at the Consulate:
- copy of the report or a letter from the Police attesting to the report of the loss or theft of the passport;
- valid picture ID;
- Permanent Resident card or visa (for applicants who are not Canadian citizens)
- the applicant must also sign a declaration concerning the loss or theft of the passport (download form)

Loss or theft of a passport- procedure for non-residents
Loss or theft of a passport must first be reported to the local Police.
Once the report has been filed with the local Police, an Emergency Travel Document (ETD) can be requested, upon presentation of the following documents at the Consulate:
- appropriate application form, filled out and signed (download form for adults or form for minors);
- copy of the report or a letter from the Police attesting to the report of the loss or theft of the passport;
- valid picture ID;
- two recent (taken within the past six months) good-quality colour photographs, 3.5 x 4.5 cm, on a white background (more information available here
- photocopy of the missing passport, or indication of its number, date of issue and issuing authority
- e-ticket or booking of the return flight to fly back to Italy or to the applicant's country of residence, complete with indication of the transit airports.
- the applicant must also sign a declaration concerning the loss or theft of the passport (download form)

The ETD has avalidity of only few days, can only be used to go back to one's home country and cannot be used for other travel purposes. Its cost is indicated in the Table of Consular Fees.



Only in the event of absolute and documented urgency (need to travel for serious personal /family reasons or to return to Italy in case of citizens only temporarily abroad), is it possible ro request a passport through a rush procedure.

Such urgency must be justified by:

- death or serious health condition of a close relative outside Canada: a medical certificate will be requested, as well as a letter signed by the applicant explaining the reasons for the urgency procedure request;

- serious family reasons: a detailed request by the applicant will be needed, possibly accompanied by supporting documentation;

- undelayable work-related reasons: a detailed request by the applicant's employer will be needed, on the employer's letterhead, possibly accompanied by supporting documentation (e.g. registration to an international conference etc.).

The request will be examined and, if approved, the applicant will need to pay the urgency fee on top of the regular passport fee, and the passport will be issued within 24 hours from the reception of the complete documentation needed to issue a passport normally. For applicable urgency fees, please look in the "Table of Consular Fees" (art. 74) in the "Forms" page of this website.

Unless exceptional circumstances apply, the rush procedure is recognized only for the applicant, not for their family or friends

Please do not purchase air tickets before obtaining the issuance/renewal of your passport. The possession of an airline ticket, alone, will NOT be considered a justified urgency to issue the passport.

- Passport application form for adults (18 years of age and older)
- Passport application form for minors (under 18 years of age)
Spousal consent form
Parental consent form
Declaration of accompaniment
Report of loss or theft of passport
ETD application form for adults (18 years of age and older)
- ETD application for minors (under 18 years of age)ETD application for minors (under 18 years of age)- Passport picture format


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