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Codice Fiscale


Codice Fiscale

“Codice fiscale” (Italian Social Insurance Number)

The “codice fiscale” (Italian social insurance number) is issued by the Agenzia delle Entrate (Revenue Agency). It is the instrument used by the Italian Authorities to identify all Italian citizens, as well as foreigners who may have a need for it, regardless of their place of residence, when dealing with agencies in the public and private sector, as well as government offices.

The “codice fiscale” is made up of a combination of 16 characters that represent the name, surname, sex, date and place of birth of the applicant. It is issued online by the Agenzia delle Entrate through the Consulate General.
The “codice fiscale” is valid for the entire life of the holder.

Those residing in this consular jurisdiction may request the “codice fiscale” through this Consulate General by providing the following:

- application form,  duly completed and signed;

- valid photo ID (married women with Canadian ID showing only their married name must  submit their birth certificate and marriage certificate);

- if the request is being submitted by a person other than the applicant,  valid photo ID for both of them and birth certificate of the applicant;

- if the tax number is requested for a newborn, the form must be accompained by the parent  photo ID and birth certificate of the child;

- if the tax number is requested for a minor, the form must be accompanied by valid photo ID for the minor and the parent plus birth certificate of the child.

Additional requirements apply to specific cases:

- hereditary succession: to obtain the “codice fiscale” of a deceased person it is necessary to provide a death certificate or a personally signed statement indicating the particulars of the deceased.

- change of name: the request for the corresponding modification of one's “codice fiscale” must be submitted to the Agenzia delle Entrate together with a photocopy of a valid piece of photo ID showing the new name.

- loss or theft of the “codice fiscale” card: the holder must report the loss or theft to the police and then submit an application for a duplicate card.

The “codice fiscale” is required for several types of legal and taxation related documents.