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Italian citizenship by descent (jure sanguinis)


Italian citizenship by descent (jure sanguinis)


An individual born to Italian parents is Italian, regardless of place of birth. An individual born in Italy to non-Italian parents, however, is not Italian.
Women have been allowed to transfer citizenship to their offspring only beginning January 1, 1948. Consequently, prior to this date. an individual could be Italian only if born an Italian father. From January 1, 1948, either parent can transmit Italian citizenship.
The minor child of an Italian citizen is automatically Italian, as soon as his birth is registered in Italy. No procedure for recognition of citizenship needs apply in these cases. Please consult the page on Vital Records > Registration of Birth.

There are no generational limits to the transfer of citizenship by virtue of blood relation, however, generational skipping is not possible (i.e. the grandfather must transfer citizenship to the father, so that the father can transfer it to his son). More specifically, someone who is born in Canada is Italian if the parents were Italian at the time of his birth and he/she has not acquired any other citizenship before August 16, 1992 (see Loss of Citizenship), or has not formally renounced Italian citizenship.

NOTE: you can apply for Italian citizenship recognition by descent (jure sanguinis) at the Consulate General of Italy in Vancouver only if you are:

a) a Canadian citizen permanent resident of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and the Yukon;

b) a non-Canadian citizen in possession of a valid Permanent Resident Card and permanent resident of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and the Yukon.

From Dec. 21th, 2020 application for recognition of Italian citizenship by descent (jure sanguinis) cannot be presented by mail anymore. To apply you must book an appointment through the online booking system (click here) and submit in person all the required documentation at the Vancouver Citizenship Office.
If the documentation is incomplete the application will not be accepted and applicant will have to book a new appointment through the online booking system.
Applications submitted by mail will be rejected.

The application to be recognized as an Italian citizen can be accepted if:

- the applicant's Italian ancestor, born in Italy, did not naturalize Canadian (British subject prior to January 1st, 1947)

- the applicant's Italian ancestor, born in Italy, did not acquire Canadian or other citizenship (thus losing the Italian one) before the applicant’s birth, or the birth abroad of the first generation of Italian offspring.

Please note that Canadian citizenship exists as such since January 1st 1947, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada may not have earlier emigration records. Enquiries regarding such particular cases should be directed to Library and Archives Canada. If your Italian ancestor went to a country other than Canada, it is necessary to present the naturalization record also from that country. For more information see the website of the competent Italian Consulate/Embassy. A list of all Italian Consulate/Embassies abroad is available here.

Although Italian citizenship is transferred automatically, it must be formally recognized through registration in Italy. A parent who acquires Italian citizenship automatically transfers it to their child if the latter is under 18 and living in the same residence.

Please be informed that Law n. 89 dated June 23, 2014 has introduced, beginning July 8, 2014, a fee of Euro 300 for each application for recognition of Italian citizenship presented by applicants 18 years and older. The payment is required in Canadian dollars at the time of application, in cash or money order/bank draft, and is irrespective of the outcome of the application. For current fees in Canadian dollars, please visit the "Forms" page of this website.

Form and instructions
Click here to download the application form for recognition of Italian citizenship.

Last update Jan. 5, 2021