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Registry of Italians abroad (AIRE/Anagrafe)

Italian citizens, regardless of their place of birth, who intend to reside in this Consular Jurisdiction (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Yukon) for more than 12 months, are required to register  in the "Registry of Italians Living Abroad" (AIRE) within 90 days of their arrival (in accordance with Law no. 470/88).
To register you can use the new on-line service Fast It (click here) or send the appropriate registration form, duly completed by every member of the applicant’s family who holds Italian citizenship, is of age and  resides within the Consular Jurisdiction. Registration is also a requirement for Italian citizens who immigrated to Canada prior to 1988 (the year of the entry in force of Law no. 470/88).
Registration is free of charge.

To enrol in the AIRE please use the new on-line service Fast It or send, by email (, by fax (604.685.4263) or by mail (Consulate General of Italy, 1100 – 510 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1L8) or bring in person to the Consulate or to the Consular Agencies or Offices, the following  :

  • A completed and signed application form, indicating personal information as well as the information for each co-resident family member;
  • An identification document;
  • Proof of residence (copy of Permanent Residence Card or a Residence Permit, driver's licence, bank statement, recent utility bill, property tax, etc).

For Italian citizens : a photocopy of the pages (from page 1 to page 5 included) of a valid passport for the applicant and each co-resident family member, in which the photograph, signature, personal information, passport number, date and place of issue, as well as the stamp and date of the Entrance Visa in Canada (in the case of recent immigration) are all clearly evident ;
For dual Italian / Canadian citizens : photocopy of the pages of a valid Italian or Canadian passport,  for the applicant and for each co-resident family member, in which the photograph, signature, personal  information, passport number, date and place of issue are all clearly evident ; a photocopy –front and back - of the Certificate of Canadian Citizenship (if the citizenship was acquired after the time of birth) in which all the information concerning the acquisition of Canadian citizenship is clearly evident (including day, month and year of acquisition). A request for enrollment in the AIRE can only be processed if birth records and any updates concerning civil status (marriage and divorce) have been previously registered in Italy or will be registered at the same time.

The above documentation may be delivered in person (by one of-age member per family) to this Consulate General (for British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Yukon)  or to the Consular Branch in Edmonton (for Alberta) or to either of these offices via the Offices of Honorary Consulates, Consular Agents, Consular Correspondents or the Patronati , for which the contact information is available in the relative page of this web site.

Enrollment in the AIRE is a prerequisite for obtaining most consular services, documents and certificates issued by the Consulate (including passports), as well as for the opportunity to vote by correspondence in Italian political elections and referenda. Enrollment in the registry database of the Consulate will furthermore facilitate the processing of records relative to the enrolled individual, and accelerate  the processing time.  Enrollment in the AIRE of the Consulate also results in simultaneous cancellation from the Registry of the Resident Population (A.P.R.) of the City in which the applicant resided in Italy. All vital statistics documents generated abroad and all vital statistics variations will furthermore be forwarded to the City of last residence in Italy.

Variations and change of address

All Italian citizens enrolled in the consular registry (AIRE) must inform this Consulate General using the Fast It web service or by means of the appropriate form – and in the same manner as for the initial enrollment – of any variation since the time of enrollment regarding :

  • transfer of place of residence and change of address;
  • change in civil status  also for the purpose  of eventual registration in Italy of foreign vital statistics documents (marriage, birth, divorce, death, ecc.);
  • permanent return to Italy;
  • acquisition of Canadian citizenship;
  • loss of Italian citizenship.

Failure to provide updated information, particularly regarding change of address, renders it impossible for the Consulate General to contact a citizen in regard to information and services concerning him/her  or to forward an electoral card or voting kit for elections or referenda.

In the event an Italian citizen becomes unreachable due to a confirmed “unknown address”,  this Consulate General will then automatically cancel the name from the AIRE registry.

Last updated: December 16, 2019