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Visa forms required documents


Visa forms required documents

Visa Forms

Application forms

Application form for Schengen Visa (C) - Short stay (up to 90 days)
Application form for National Visa (D) – Long stay (more than 90 days)
Application form for Working Holiday Visa

Required Documents
F1   – Documents required for Tourism 
F2   – Documents required for Business
F3   – Documents required for Study
F4   – Documents required for Working Holiday
F5   – Documents required for Subordinate Employment
F6   – Documents required for Self-employed work
F7   – Documents required for Residence in Italy 
F8   – Documents required for Sport
F9   – Documents required for a Schooltrip in Italy
F10 – Documents required for School Programs in Italy
F11 – Minimum required funds to travel in Italy

F12 – Letter of invitation / Lettera di invito / Lettera di invito per AFFARI
F13 – Letter of support for Tourism
F14 – Letter of support for Study
F15 – Parental consent for a minor (must be signed by both parents or legal guardian(s) in the presence of an Italian Consular Officer or a local Notary Public)
F16 – Letter of assumption of responsibility for a minor 
F17 – Letter for Schooltrip in Italy
F18 – Letter for School Programs in Italy
F19 – Accettazione di presa in carico di minore
F20 – Confirmation of health insurance

General Information
F21 – Information sheet for foreigners visiting Italy